Small Pleasures Ltd., located at 163 Exchange Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is a full service floral boutique that sets the bench mark in design and service. Continuing our decade-long tradition of providing quality service and
outstanding design, Small Pleasures floral creations exceed customer

Our experienced designers offer visual diversity in creating floral expressions that capture the emotion with both surprise and delight. Small pleasures attention to detail makes every event from the sea side wedding to an intimate gathering a statement of personal style.

The variety of flowers, branches, foliage, berries and pods available to us from both domestic and foreign growers allows us to select a combination of nature's harvest that forms a pallet of textures, hues and scent.

Nature continues to serve as our model. We sometimes break the rules with gentleness, reverence, and respect to reinforce the meaning of love, sympathy, celebration, thank you and commitment.